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The company was founded in 1994 as prescient studios by American glass artist Jeffrey P’an after his return from study in Murano, Italy. At that time he produced glassware and small decorative items with a small team of apprentices. Today Studio Jeffrey P’an is the design house, artist’s workshop and factory in the tradition of the factories in Murano. In addition to our primary focus, which is Jeffrey’s one-of-a-kind sculptural work, all manner of glass-related work is performed from Jewelry making, cut crystal, glassware and repairs of historical pieces by an expanded team of apprentices and specialists in all aspects of the fabrication and restoration we perform. The studio is open to the public and we welcome visitors to view the glassmaking and browse our large showroom where examples of all the work we do are on display.

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At Studio Jeffrey P’an we produce several lines of work in addition to Jeffrey’s one-of-a-kind sculptures and vessels. We produce a line of jewelry and a line of clear cut crystal for sale at our gallery as well as at fine retailers. Also other ‘end of the day’ items such as glass ware, ornaments and paperweights are produced by our team, for sale at our gallery only. One of our unique capabilities is to work with clients to create custom, unique and site-specific pieces as accents or as architectural installations for interiors and landscape. Jeffrey works directly with each client to come up with perfect solutions to design and production requirements of all kinds, specializing in but not limited to glass. The piece pictured here is a 8 foot permanent underwater installation designed for the Mystic Aquarium not just for visual impact but to be reasonable to keep clean and not to harm the wildlife that live with it.

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Our approach to all of the things we do reflects design through production thinking that Jeffrey saw first in engineering and design school, then at the factories of Murano. While design and creation are distinct parts of the process we carry both out with respect for the overall concept. The concept is the driving force that carries the design through all the aspects of creation. We take a holistic approach to realizing everything that we do, even through the very distinct aspects of production, re-design and problem solving for complex installations and lighting. The full embodiment of this approach is carried out in our main reason for existence, Jeffrey’s one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces. By controlling and considering every aspect of the piece from the formulation of glasses to the intended environment and lighting for experiencing the finished piece he achieves a purity of concept that focuses the main purpose of art in general, which is to communicate.

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STUDIO JEFFREY P’AN      25 ROOSEVELT AVENUE MYSTIC, CT 06355 USA      (860) 536-9274

studied engineering, industrial design Sculpture and Writing at Syracuse University, University of Connecticut and Connecticut College before leaving school to pursue his passion for glass. He spent time on the island of Murano studying glass and right away upon his return founded prescient studios as an outlet for his creative experimentation. It was only after years of operating this business that he introduced a signature line of work focusing on exploiting the transparency of the glass and how pattern and color work together to create the final visual effect. Years after that Jeffrey dropped the studio name from his work and his one-of-a-kind creations are now signed simply with his name. Exploration of the concept of layering, overlapping of color and pattern working within the context of simple geometric forms has led him to work on diverse projects of all scales and complexity.

Jeffrey P’an, Principal