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Jeffrey P’an has been working with glass for 30 years. His approach to glassblowing is one of a kind, from concept to finished product. Meticulous and highly creative, Jeffrey has the ability to create stunning works of art at his studio in Mystic, Connecticut. By combining traditional glassblowing techniques with modern technology, Jeffrey is able to bring his vision in glass to light. 

The public is welcome to view Jeffrey blowing glass anytime he is working, or join him for a scheduled Open Studio Day. Jeffrey’s gallery in Mystic is open Tuesday and Wednesday 10-2 and Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10am to 5pm. 

Studio Jeffrey P’an produces several lines of work in addition to Jeffrey’s one-of-a-kind sculptures and vessels. Collections include a line of jewelry and clear cut crystal. Other ‘end of the day’ items such as glassware, ornaments and paperweights are produced by the team, for purchase at the gallery only. 

One of Jeffrey’s unique capabilities is to work with clients to create custom, unique and site-specific pieces as accents or as architectural installations for interiors and landscape. Jeffrey works directly with each client to come up with perfect solutions to design and production requirements of all kinds, specializing in but not limited to blown glass.

Jeffrey’s approach reflects a design through production thinking that he saw first in engineering and design school, then first hand in the factories of Murano. While design and creation are distinct parts of the process he carries out both always thinking about the result for the client. Jeffrey takes a holistic approach to every step, through the very distinct aspects of production, re-design, and problem solving for complex installations and lighting. By controlling and considering every aspect of the piece from the formulation of glass and inventing new techniques to consideration of the intended environment and lighting. He achieves a purity of concept that focuses the main purpose of art in general, which is to communicate.


The company was founded in 1994 as Prescient Studios by American glass artist Jeffrey P’an after his return from study in Murano, Italy. At that time Jeffrey produced glassware and small decorative items with a small team of apprentices. Today Studio Jeffrey P’an is the design house, and artist’s workshop in the tradition of the factories in Murano.

In addition to Jeffrey’s one-of-a-kind sculptures, all manner of glass-related work is performed from jewelry making, cut crystal, glassware and repairs of historical pieces by an expanded team of apprentices and specialists in all aspects of the fabrication and restoration. 

Along with a commitment to design and quality, commitment to the environment is taken very seriously. Studio Jeffrey P’an’s carbon footprint is smaller than a business with four delivery trucks or a bagel shop.

Our Process

Jeffrey P’an, Principal

Jeffrey studied engineering, industrial design. sculpture and writing at Syracuse University, University of Connecticut and Connecticut College before leaving school to pursue his passion for glass. He spent time on the island of Murano studying glassblowing and upon his return founded Prescient Studios as an outlet for his creative experimentation. It was only after years of operating this business that he introduced a signature line of work focusing on exploiting the transparency of the glass and how pattern and color work together to create a final visual effect. Years after that Jeffrey dropped the studio name from his work and his one-of-a-kind creations are now signed simply with his name. Exploration of the concept of layering, overlapping of color and pattern working within the context of simple geometric forms has led him to work on diverse projects of all scales and complexity.

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